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Our molds. Your benches.

Buy our reusable molds to make your own high quality park benches. Perfect for schools, playgrounds, parks, campgrounds, golf courses, transit authorities and more! Need benches? This product will save you thousands!



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Our concrete bench molds make it possible for managers of parks, golf courses, campgrounds, universities, and other institutions to fabricate their own concrete benches in-house, saving thousands of dollars. The ability to make high quality park benches in your shop will eliminate the aggravation of online searches, getting quotes, and dealing with shipping delays. Unlike less expensive models offered by other vendors, our rugged, construction grade molds will last for years. 


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Purchase and delivery of one concrete bench can cost $1000 to $1500. By making just one park bench with our forms you can recoup the cost of your entire purchase. Users report that one bench can be poured and assembled for under $100 in material costs and a few hours of labor. Reach new customers and generate income by using our molds to create advertizing benches. Or, start your own business selling benches today! 


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Simply pour concrete into the molds, wait for it to dry, and bolt on slats. No special skills are required. If you can use a drill and mix concrete, you can make a bench. Look at our Guidelines and DIY Slideshow pages for more information and helpful hints. Make as many outdoor benches as you need, when you need them! Not convinced? We offer a 45 day moneyback guarantee. 


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What our customers say:

 "We have had great success with the molds. They work great. We have made 30 sets with no failures to date."

-Dave Frasier, Blue Water Area Transit, MI

 "I recommend the concrete bench molds because they are very sturdy and easy to use. We have made 9 benches so far ranging in sizes from 4' to 8'. With the reusable molds, the more you make the less they cost. The benches look good and are heavy enough that they are hard for someone to steal."

-Max Rodgers, City of Douglas, MI

 "I used the concrete bench mold as part of my Eagle Scout Project. I could never have stayed in budget without them. Everyone was thrilled with the benches."

-Bryan Romanow, Eagle Scout Project, NJ

"It was more fun making our own benches, they may have been better quality, and in the long run less expensive. We expect the molds to be used again as they are in great shape."

Bill and Matt Hagan, Eagle Scout Project, NY

Special Offers

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amazon logo 150x69We'd love to hear from you! We are currently offering customers a $25 amazon voucher in exchange for feedback. Interested customers will be asked to respond to a 10 minute survey and send us an image of a bench made with our molds. Please email for further details.

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Since early 2016, we have proudly partnered with Christian's Buddy Bench. This wonderful program aims to "eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground." To find out how your school system could benefit from Buddy Benches, please contact us today!