It’s Easy

No special skills needed to make a park bench with our molds. If you can mix concrete, drill a hole, and cut a board, you can make a bench.

It’s Efficient

It costs less than $100 in materials and a few hours labor to make a bench worth over $1000. Pay for the entire cost of the mold and save hundreds of dollars by making just one bench. Then make hundreds more. The more benches you make, the more money you save. And also avoid hundreds of dollars’ worth of shipping costs with each bench you make.

It’s Reusable

Our bench molds are made from construction grade low density polyethylene. Our molds have been in use for 15 years and have produced hundreds of benches from the same set of molds.

It’s Customizable

You can choose your own materials and colors to brand your institution, business, or school. You can make a variety of lengths, colors, and materials. Create advertising space with our 4 slat back mold. Institutions can brand their look by using company colors and adding custom logos to an advertising panel.

It’s Convenient

Make benches when you want them. No more searching through websites to find something that might match your current inventory. Make the bench parts when your labor is available…in the off-season, rainy weather, or any down time…and assemble them when and where you need them.




Small Advertising bench 400x300

What our customers say:

 "We have had great success with the molds. They work great. We have made 30 sets with no failures to date."

-Dave Frasier, Blue Water Area Transit, MI

"I recommend the concrete bench molds because they are very sturdy and easy to use. We have made 9 benches so far ranging in sizes from 4' to 8'. With the reusable molds, the more you make the less they cost. The benches look good and are heavy enough that they are hard for someone to steal." 

-Max Rodgers, City of Douglas, MI

 "I used the concrete bench mold as part of my Eagle Scout Project. I could never have stayed in budget without them. Everyone was thrilled with the benches."

-Bryan Romanow, Eagle Scout Project, NJ

"It was more fun making our own benches, they may have been better quality, and in the long run less expensive. We expect the molds to be used again as they are in great shape."

Bill and Matt Hagan, Eagle Scout Project, NY